"The simplest taste" is the main concept of onefifteen café , Suzhou . The good quality is also the key principle that we hold on. In order to represent the culture of Suzhou city, we blend the western ingredients into the eastern flavors and have the Asian local food styles to meet the Mediterranean refreshing cuisine. Furthermore, an open balcony that we create is reserved for modern people to experience silent and relaxed feelings when they spend their leisure time in onefifteen café.
Chef introduction
Ming Tsai, the director of onefifteen café , had studied and worked with the French chef, Alain Ducasse when he was in France to develop his own experiences in fine dining field. In order to present the cultures of Suzhou City, Ming creates a series of meals to show his passions and talents for onefifteen café. Especially, he adds the Asian flavors into his favorite Mediterranean cuisines and try to serve the different layers of the tastes for each meal. Meanwhile, the simple process of cooking that he insists not only shows the original shape of the foods but also brings out the best scent for each ingredient.
Everything Ming considers is the feeling of people, he cares about the relationship between the food and their tastes. Therefore, you can find his philosophy through the qualified ingredients from every single dish on the menu. He would like to have everyone to enjoy the moments, as well as the slow fashion when they visit here. More nature, more connection, more detail and more intensely pleasurable experiences which defy definition. Ming hopes everything he does at onefifteen café serves to create more experiences like these.
Food Gallery
  • ABC 貝果三明治
    ABC bagel sandwich (ABC: avocado. candy bacon. jalapeno chilli)
  • 红甜菜汁烟熏鲑鱼开放式三明治
    Beetroot gravlax open sandwich
  • 法式火腿荞麦可丽饼
    Brittany style buckwheat crepe
  • 熏鸡肉芝士义大利炖饭
    Risotto bianco with soke chicken and parmesan cheese
Add: Add: No.8 Yue Lang St.,Suzhou Industrial Park, Mainland China
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The onefifteen Eslite Suzhou store, which opened on November 28th 2015, is the third store of onefifteen , also the starting point for overseas development. Since Eslite is not only a bookstore but also the lifestyle indicator in Taiwan. Therefore, we would like to complete the concept of “Slow Fashion” to our customers in Suzhou city. In this store, you can enjoy the art, design and lifestyle at the same time.